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The Story of.....Caps.

My video director, Nicole, says that I should write an introductory paragraph about the online casino video...Why?! That seems redundant! Watch the video, and find out whats the deal with the caps! WATCH...IT...NOW!!!

Magic Boxer Shorts Rock

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The Winter Finally Ends

April 1st can't come soon enough; right now, except for my office, The Man Store sits quiet, surrounded by fresh snow, falling as I write this.However, inside the office it's a beehive of activity; meeting with salespeople (who NEVER give me free stuff! I dig FREE stuff! You want me to buy? Gimme something FREE. Thank you.), placing new orders, receiving and tagging new product, moving items around so they get the perfect location, cleaning (ALWAYS cleaning!), and getting ready for April 1st-Opening Day.

And we've got so many great new products: Harley Davidson tin signs, more Man Cave signs, glasses made from beer bottles, new mugs/glasses/cups from even more sports teams, more U. of Maine Black Bear logoed products, more Old Guys Rule and Life Is Crap items,В NHL jerseys, more items for theВ outdoorsman, providing personal loans, credit reporting agencies cards, overdrafts and hire purchase. and so much more. We've been featuring some of our new products on our Facebook site,В  If you haven't already, check it Nor should you do the buy detox when breast feeding, since your baby would receive the toxins your body is clearing through your milk. out and "like" the site. Every couple of days we update it, and usually include specials weВ don't mention on the website! An even betterВ reason to make sure you check it out is the contests we'll hold every so often; giveaways will include gift certificates and product. As this is my first blog, and since I'm knee deep in salespeople (did I mention I like free stuff? And yes, guys, for now I'm using "stuff" instead of something else-keeping the 1st one "G" rated!), I'll keep this one short. However, next time we're gonna talk about cigars, what we'll be carrying in the way of hand rolled, AND what we'll be carrying in the mini cigars, flavored cigars, and machine made cigars. Thats right, guys: The Man Store will be a FULL service cigar stop this year! I look forward to blogging again, any questions, please feel free to write me atВ  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. В  We'll chat again soon!

Maine Beer

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Cigars, I Love Them

Posted by Keith

I have been smoking cigars for about 15 years now and I have to say I LOVE THEM. There are stories I could tell but we must keep it clean HAAA!! so let's just say there are many great memories. What's so great about cigars? To some they stink, there to big and take a long time to smoke. Well that's why I love them. Cigars make you relax, you can't smoke them fast like cigarettes, when you light up a cigar you know it will be awhile, so clear your mind, sit back, relax and enjoy. A good cigar usually has 2 to 3 different flavors depending on the size. It might start off a little sweet then in the middle goes to more of a spice flavor and at the end there could be many different flavors but it should leave a good after taste in your mouth for a while. There prices range casino from $3 to $35 a stick. What's the best cigar, it is the one you like, it doesn't matter what the price is, everyone has different tastes. What is my favorite cigar? It is the one I take Dagens spelautomater har en historia som tar sin borjan pa 1890-talet da Charles. out of my humidor at 5 o'clock on a Sunday after a nice dinner either by myself or with friends and family. You light up with a nice after dinner drink , sit back, relax, enjoy and get ready to face the week ahead.

Re: Cigars, I love them by The Woman @ The Manstore

Now that's what I call a good cigar! Keith - you hit it right on the nose - not that I smoke them often but how I imagine the experience to be for a true cigar aficionado! I can't wait for a day when you and John can sit down together for a drink and a good cigar - I will be so happy to sit with Lori and have a drink and laugh as we always did..........XO